The capacity for our toddler room is 4 teachers and 28 children. We believe this allows more time for nurturing one-on-one relationships between teacher and child. The schedule is designed to meet each child's needs as well as the needs of the group. Naptime, meal times, and diapering times are fixed. Free-play, indoor/outdoor activities, and transition times are flexible. The classroom teacher team changes the equipment in the classrooms every three to four weeks, to provide the children with a variety of age appropriate toys and equipment pieces to engage with during child-initiated playtime.


All teacher-initiated activities are optional, but children are encouraged to participate and experiment with new activities. Our Teachers use a number of strategies and activities to encourage growth and development, including: playful interactions, songs, stories, positive reinforcement, direction, redirection, and modeling of appropriate behavior.


The program focuses on a variety of age appropriate goals and skills including: self-help, independence, peer interaction, self-control, positive problem solving, age appropriate health and safety habits, and using emerging language to communicate needs and feelings and express emotions in a healthy way.


Parents/caregivers fill out a portion of a daily report form when their child arrives to the center. Teachers then complete the rest of the form describing the child's activities for the day. This includes what the child has eaten, their sleeping times and quality of that sleep, mood and behaviour, and their diapering information. The purpose of these forms is to assure continuous communication between parents/caregivers and the staff.



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